Best sounding integrated

I've owned a few of the well thought of, but have not heard the new Ayre, or the Burmester,...or many, many others.

So,...what in your listening experience is the very best sounding integrated amplifier?
I guess and have listened to a YBA Passion Integre Integrated amp, which is a brand new product of YBA. And I also heard the Rovland Concentra MKII is also one of the best Integrated amp. Both are very expensive.
Pathos Twin Towers (or whatever they have changed the name to) .... probably the most sucessful hybrid (tube/ss) on the market. Sounds as good as it looks, but with only 30w/ch it will not drive all speakers.
This can be subjective as most "what is best sounding" questions. Being I am an owner of an integrated, a Levinson 383, it would be fun to compare some others on identical systems. That said, one amp may be a better match than another on a set of speakers.

I have read many claims and comments about various integrated amps, some are so far fethched to give credit, some seem to be preference and some just plain the facts.

I have recently talked with a reviewer about the Mac 6900 and the Concentra II, not about those two directly compared to one another. There was some things he didn't like on the Mac and gathered he wasn't much enthused, but was quick to mention others are. He liked the Concentra a lot, especially the build quality and parts, but did mention he liked the Plinius 8200 better.

All in all, I went away as happy as ever with my 383. I have been known in the past to get to caught up in others thoughts, I sold a 383 once, having purchased another, I will not do that hastily again; especially as I feel I have a nice synergy in my system.
...there is in fact none -- I believe that the term amp/speaker combo must be used. Higher power/current amps from one point of view can drive any speakers but on the other point of view might make them to edgy and unmusical.
The mentioned Plinius 8200 is probably the most versatile integrated amp that mate any speaker worm and musical.
Audio analogue Grand Maestro. Stunning.
Mcintosh makes great integrateds - I own the 6850. Others are the new 6900 (great) and the 6500.
Anyone heard the new BAT integrated?
I have the Rowland Concentra II integrated having departed from tubes. I have no regrets. Few solid states pieces will do what the Rowland does. Listen to it before you buy anything. The match with your speakers is most important. Jallen
47 Labratory Gaincard. With the right speakers nothing sounds better, neutral, no SS or tube characteristics, very fast and fresh sound, delicious, fun, punchy.