Best Server To Run Roon Core

Hi Folks,

I don’t currently run ROON, but would like to begin correctly in order to give it a chance - and I understand that server (hardware) on which Roon core is installed is important for SQ (due to noise reduction and other factors).

What are the best hardware for SQ and usability where ROON core should be installed and why (be it audiophile dedicated servers or modified PCs)? Please comment on the rest of your setup for context if you could.

Thank you in advance.

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Te yes these devices do sound different one day we did a test in our 150k reference system 

We compared a 15k baetis reference an innous statement a memory player

Each server sounded different and had a unique sonic favor

We have tested many different devices running roon and with a good server you just connect your dac no need to have a seperate core and end point

First we started with pics the became an innous dealer and their servers sounded considerably better

Then we fouund a company out of europe whose servers wrw considered to sound better and were hardware upgradable 
So we contacted them to get samples they didn't have a us distributor so we became one

The 442Evo severs sound amazing

And we're designed from the ground up to be roon cores
There was an interesting discussion on the design and sound quality if the 432evo servers on what’s best forum the 432Evo master at 16k was found to come quite close to the taiko at half of that servers 35k price.

We are super excited by the aeon which at 7k competes with 14k servers from other companies

Dave and troy
Audio intellect nj
Us importers 432evo music servers
Lalik the 432 evo was compared to the Pink faun and found to outperform it

And in one of our sound rooms we have 4 different servers

We have a roon nucleus
A lumin u1 mini
a 432evo standard and a 432Evo aeon

Again the top server the aeon sounded the Bestand produced a more musical sound out of the dac

If you look at the design and build of the aeon it has been enginerred to provide a pure data stream to the connected dac

Very few servers use two completely seperate power supplies isolating the cpu and the sound card and clock

If you want to hear rhe Best sounding reference grade server
You have to hear an aeon

Dave and troy
Audio intellect nj
Us importer 432evo music servers