Best SACD player?

With prices crashing and new models being announced, is there any consensus on the "best" hard core audiophile SACD player? Are the "best" players equally successful with standard CDs? I am still disappointed at the availablility of SACD software, but in my experience these things sound pretty good. I would be especially delighted to hear that the old $5000 Sony monster is the one and is now very cheap.
If I were you, I would reconsider SACD. I feel DVD Audio will win out.
cw: IMO, the best "hard core audiophile" sacd player is the transport/dac combo made by accuphase (models DP-100 and DC-101). unfortunately, accuphase has yet to reduce the msrp on this pair from $28k (in the usa). nor would i expect them to do so unless sacd proves to be a bust. these units do play redbook cd's better than anything else i've heard, with the exception of the boulder 1012 pre/dac and a first rate transport (e.g., the accuphase DP-90, which was replaced by the DP-100). BTW, the 100/101 sounds best when driven directly into an amp. -kelly
I agree with Kelly for the price no limit. I own the SCD-1 and think it is a very, very good value. I don't think you'd be disapointed with it's "redbook cd" playback. J.D.
Cornfedboy, thanks for the suggestion. I will check it out and it seems that the probability of SACD going bust is greater than zero percent. I guess the one good thing about format confusion is that the prices of a lot of nifty gear will eventually crash. Do you think the Accuphase would sound better than, say, a Levinson 30.5/31.5 with ordinary CDs? (By the way, CFB, I read and enjoy all of your posts and I would appreciate your advice on something off the record if you could write to my e-mail address. Thanks.)