Best preamp in an AV receiver

I currently have a Marantz SR9300 receiver which I'm using as a preamp for stereo duties, as well as for home theater.

I can't help but feel that the SR9300 is letting down the stereo side of the system, which includes a modded SA8260 cd player, modded Bel Canto DAC2, and CIAudio D-100 monoblocks for the front and right channels.

Is there any receiver (I'm pretty well stuck with a receiver, given space constraints and the need for home theater capability) which would improve upon the preamp section of the SR9300? Is the SR9600 an improvement in this regard?

I'm aware of the limitations a receiver imposes, but want to get the best quality I can given that it is necessary.

There are many 2 channel intergrated's that have HT pass-thru. Sim Audio, Krell and others. I think this would be a better option if you have enough room for one. Good luck.
Unfortunately I don't have the room for another component. I already have the separate power amps for FL and FR, so maybe a really small pre-amp with HT pass-thru...?
Bailey, your name has changed. Are you in Canberra or Korea? :)

Adcom has a new AV receiver that looks very impressive. It is over my budget though. I have not heard it or read any reviews for it yet, but my older Adcom tuner-preamp and power amps have performed well over the years.
Thanks Javachip. I was in Canberra, then in Korea, and now back in Canberra but still with a 'in Korea' hotmail account (I may be going back to Korea in January so it's worth keeping it for the time being!).

I'll look into the Adcom. It does sound good on paper.