Best Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon cd recording

Which is the best recording of this CD? My player does not play SACD format just hybred. Was the Japanesse remaster the best?
The best Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon red book CD that I've heard is the Mobile Fidelity version.
"The Screaming Abdabs" bootleg. This is the 1972 live recording, taken from the board, of Pink Floyd playing "Dark Side" in a small club, before recording the album. Everything else pales by comparison, if you can get by the poor sonics, that is. Rick Wright's keyboard parts are much looser, and Gilmore plays much jazzier. It is as if something that you have known your whole life was suddenly different, imbued with an alternate meaning, and possessing a depth not previously realized.
The MOFI version sucks; avoid it all costs.

Without question the Japanese Capitol hybrid release catalog # TOGP-15001.

I have 18 copies (vinyl and digital) of DSOTM and this cd is the best by far.

If you can't find it, the 20th Anniversary Edition is decent.


How is the Toshiba EMI Japan recording from 2006?
Here are two places you can check.

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And, of course, there is the forum at, where your question has been asked many times.

It bears repeating that YMMV, as always.

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