Best monitor speakers(used)for $500

need help,looking for best monitor speakers used for around $500,thanks to all,Al
You can save some money and the uncertainty of buying used if you check out the Sound Dynamics RTS-3s on These sub-$300 speakers will blow away a lot of speakers at twice or three-times the price. Reviews may be found on The Absolute Sound website (although you may have to pay a few bucks to read them) or on
...depends on your music taste too! So i would suggest all-rounders: Dynaudio Audience 40, Triangle Titus, B&W CDM 1, Tannoy R1 For classical: Opera Seconda (tonaly rich), Linn Tukan ( for detail chamber, small orchestra)
Alon Petites. I saw a pair for $600 used. Stands and Black Orepheus bi-wire (or was it tri-wire????) included.
Totem Arrows, not sure if they can be found as low as $500 but if you can find them, I think you will like them. In the latest The Absou!ute Sound a number of writers included them in their best budget systems.
norwex B-2 Nisse demo-set with full warranty (5 years parts & labor). Retail is $995/pair. This pair is $597 in black lacquer with minor cosmetic imperfections. Look at review performed by SoundStage! on their web site: Click on audio. Also see norwex web site: If interested contact Harald Aasland at [email protected]
I have had a pair of EPOS ES-11's for 9 years, and they continue to amaze not only me but most everyone that comes to my house. Why does Roy Hall place in the top 5 every year at every audio show with his Creek/EPOS combo? Because they make music, not etched detailed thin sounding crap like most hyper expensive crap out there. I see EPOS 11/12's with stands for the $525-$575 range every once in a while.
My klipsch I have for sale on this website would be a good choice also.I think we could get close on the price. They are klipsch km6 towers,2 10 inch woofers and a horn in each speaker.I have the owners manual and original boxes. They are in mint cond.Let me know,I will make you a good deal on them. email [email protected]
thanks to all for the help.Al