Best Minimalist DAC?

ooking for a very simple, clean, DAC, best possible SQ, without the bells and whistles, to mate with my MACBOOK "server."

I run an integrated (PASS INT30A), so I don't need the preamp or the rest of the "functionality" of my PSA PWD, which I am moving on from.

I have in mind something very straightforward, like the HRT Streamers, but am willing to spend more for SQ, since this is for my main rig.

How much more not yet determined, but let's say a rough ceiling of 2000 USD, with the possibility of going higher for good sonic reason. Happy to spend less, of course. Used is fine.

Capability for latest high-rez formats desirable, though this is not yet a big part of my audio life.

Thanks for your time.

"Rough ceiling of $2000"... Steve, isn't your dac $6k? Or are you saying you're going to give the op a 65% discount ;)
I agree with Bill_k. Steve, you have a lot to share, but this post crosses the line between info and infomercial. When I read posts that bring up Atma-Sphere, I respect the fact that Ralph doesn't jump in to beat us over the head with specs and reviews. Positive testimony from owners does a much better job selling gear than gloating from the manufacturer.
Thanks so much Steve! Even though I don't need the pre, I can definitely offer the full 2k on the SE. Used is OK. Please PM me, and we can set up a deal! :)

I'll be following this thread. Since I'm also on the lookout for a new DAC. My max budget would be around 1500. So no Lampisator for me.

What I want is:
at least 2 inputs, USB and Coax or BNC
high resolution PCM 24/192

What I do not want is
pre amp function
head phone amps
(fancy) remote control
lots of features

aboutt DSD

Righ now the Chord 2Qute, Metrum Octave MK2, Schiit Gungnir seem to be my to contenders