Best Lucky Dubey CDs ?

Any recommendations for CDs by the late South African Reggae artist Lucky Dubey?
Looking for well engineered recordings and a sampling of his music.
Nobodys heard of this guy?
The week that he was killed the Morgan State college radio station in Maryland played some great cuts- He was a traditional South African music artist for many years and then adopted a drug/alcohol-free Rasta lifestyle and did Reggae and Reggae-pop music .
Interesting transition.
I have not been able to find any CDs locally, I did a web search and he has about 30! I am just looking for a greatest hits package or something that shows his talents.
It's Lucky Dube, and I would recommend any of the following:

House Of Exile
Serious Reggae
Soul Taker

Great stuff.
Thanks- Which would be you top pick?
Serious Reggae Business
The Other Side

Lucky Dube had the voice of an angel