I am the most lucky guy

Recently I upgraded Dac from EmmLab Dac2 to Chord Dave and Mscaler.

Chord Dave and Mscaler give very transparent and deep and wide 3D holographic soundstage.

But it could sound thin.

After trying several digital cables, I could tune the sound with enough fullness and nuanced details.

Recently I play musicals and operas very often enjoying excellent 3D soundstage.

I live in Pacific Northwest.

With windows open, I could live without air conditioning system here even during middle of summer.

But I do not want to play speaker loud with windows open not to disturb my neighbors.

Thus I had also got Stax 009S headphone and KGSSHV Carbon headphone amplifier.

It sound marvelous using Dave and Mscaler as source.

I am listening to " Are you lonesome tonight" by Elvis.

His voice tone is just spot on.

Thus without being bothered by heat or noise from air conditioning system, I can enjoy the music.

So I am the most lucky audiophile.

I am going to have a break from changing major audio components for next 2 years and just enjoy music.

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Thomas, you are indeed a lucky guy. It's too bad I couldn't make it to your home a couple of months back. I've also made some positive changes recently, but nothing on the scale of what you've done. 

I wonder what my system would look like had I your resources, though I would hope it wouldn't sound too much different than it does currently. I guess I'm lucky, too, as I have something that satisfies for the long haul. Not all of us can make that statement, that's what drives the high-end equipment industry.

I'm happy for you, enjoy. Regards,

Thanks a lot Dan for your kind word.

It is really nice to live in Pacific Northwest during summer time.

My system sounds much better than 3 months ago.

But I may not need to have another open house.

I hope that you also enjoy music without paying too much attention to the sound.

best wishes

Yeah and it will be even nicer if we actually get some summer! lol!
We had more summer in May than in July so far!

If you want to enjoy hot weather, you can have vacation in Carribean Islands.

I am happy to spend my summer at home.

Alas I have to go to Korea for dental work again during August.

It will be terribly hot and humid over there.

I am going to carry Empire Zeus iem which is also excellent.
I just went outside to let the dog out and it is starting to sprinkle. It’s a nice 75 degrees though here in Olympia, so I’m not going to complain. I’d rather have 75 than 90’s.

I recently had A/C installed and haven't really needed it, other than a couple of days in May.  I like being able to close the windows and turn up the music if I want.  It's really quiet and does not bother me during listening sessions.

I do enjoy headphones often also, but it's not the same as the sensation of air moving you get from speakers and subwoofers.
Newsflash...dentists have recently started moving into the pacific northwest region of the country. It is no longer mandatory to fly half way 'round the globe for dental procedures:) 


I also agree with you that 75 F is much better than 90F.

About 8 years ago I had considered moving to Las Vegas to stay away from rainy winter.

But after experiencing 100 F during summer time over there, I had given it up.

I have heat pump installed at my home which can also work as air conditioning.

But I had better listen to music with headphone with the window open .

Stax 009S headphone and KGSSHV Carbon headphone amplifier give very nice sound almost matching my 2 channel audio system.

Thus I do not mind using headphone for 2 or 3 hours during daytime.
@shkong78  I have a number of friends that have moved to Arizona over the last few years.  I scratch my head in wonder.  That type of heat is not for me.

I have some great sounding headphones, my LCD-4 are my favorites and sound as good or better than my loudspeakers, but they don't have the same visceral impact that you get from listening to speakers.  And they're kind of heavy.

There are many competent dentists in Washington State.

I go to Korea for two reasons.

My 87 years old mom is still in Korea.

Another thing is the cost of dental implant is around 1/4 th over there.

Actually Shkong we are all pretty lucky to be able to pursue such a noble hobby with the pursuit or better and more realistic music systems and new and exciting new toys. 

Glad you like your new Dac we sold the Emm Dac 2 and it was a standout but it is showing its age vs newer dacs. 

Yeah everyone!

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

Thanks a lot for your kind word.

I had enjoyed this hobby for 41 years.

It could be fun or stress.

But as I get older, I am learning something.

I need a break from hardware swapping  to enjoy music.

Today Fairbanks, AK recorded 88 degree F where I had been twice to take photo of Northern Light (aurora).

But here in Pacific Northwest it was around 75 degree on 2 PM.

Let us enjoy our life while listening to music.

You are indeed lucky.  75 degrees is heaven, and the fact that you don't have to operate a/c a welcome bonus.  Where I live it's hot and very humid from April through October! 
@ archguy2

I have a friend living in Atalanta.

Although he says good things about his area, it will be difficult for me  to move  there with hot and humid summer.
wow, spend all that money and have to use cables as system tuning devices. no criticism intended by my comment.
Tuberist audio is all about tuning.

It is not nessarally a fact that one cable is good or bad but by testing dlfferent ones you can accertain what qualities are intrinsic features of the design. 

We tested 5 usb cables before finding magic with our dac and server.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I am listening to " Are you lonesome tonight" by Elvis.

His voice tone is just spot on.
Sometimes I wonder how he really sounded.

How close is what I hear to what it really was? I like it, but I have no idea if it is real. He died way before I could ever do a comparison.
No you are not!  I just beat head and neck cancer the first time out.  If you know anything about that particular cancer, then you know how lucky I am.  Happy listening, and may you not be lonesome tonight.  LOL 
@ janewyman


You are indeed lucky guy having recovered from cancer.

But it is advisable to take care of it since it could come back.

Enjoy the music with your re born life.