best interconnect under $100 for my system????

My system consisists of the following:
EAD T1000 transport
EAD DSP7000 mk3 dac
Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Signature preamp
Sonographe SA-250 amp
Mission 753 (original) speakers
I am using a Kimber DV75 digital cable between the transport and dac and DH Labs BL1 mk2 interconnects between the dac and preamp, and the preamp and the amp. My speaker cables are Audioquest Crystal 2, biamped. I have upgraded the dac power cord to an NBS Dragonfly and the preamp power cord to an Absolute power cord, with all my electronics being plugged into an Audio Power 2 conditioner. While the sound I'm getting is crystal clean and clear, it leans on the bright side of the audio spectrum. My speaker placement is about 11" away from the back wall and I'm getting good bass out of the 753's. I suspect that the DH Labs might be the culprit here, and of course the speakers - but I'm not about to replace the 753's as I love the looks and sound. In short, I am looking for recommendations out there for interconnects that would tame down the sizzle from my system. I have a budget of $100 a pair (in the used market of course) and am seriously considering my friend's Cardas Quadlink 5C interconnects. That leaves me with the other pair of DH Labs to replace. Comments?????
Quadlinks are a good choice.You can also try out the Kimber Kable PBJ or Hero or Silver Streak.But if you dont like the sound bright go with copper.Hope it helps,it's only my opinion.
Audioparts' gray MAS cables, $60/m, lean a bit to the dark side, although they are silver. They're avaiable here on audiogon or More balanced than kimber pbj or dh labs bl-1 in my system.