Best integrated w/ built in phono $1K-$1.5K used?

I'm setting up an office system which now consists of: Spendor S3/5 SE's, MD tuner, CJ PF-R preamp, & C-J MF2250 amp. I'm thinking of moving my TT (Rega P25 w/ H.O. Benz Glider) to that system.....but neither of my current pre-amps has a phono stage. I've considered various separate phono stages at around $1000 used......but I'm thinking of selling the C-J amp & pre-amp & just getting an integrated w/ built in phono stage. (My object here is to save $$ & kind of simplify the system w/o giving up too much in performance).

So far my only ideas are the Plinius 8200 MKII, & the Classe CAP 151. (I can't justify a Rowland Concentra for a 2nd system). I've been kind of restricting it to SS as the Spendors seem to like quite a bit of power......but I suppose I could consider maybe a
Rogue? Or does the Cary integrated ever come with phono stage? Thanks in advance for any advice!
Add to the list the YBA Integre DT. Phono is optional, so ask. You could also have it added to one without it. It will be either MM or MC (not switchable). A remote is also option. Ask about remote if you want one, because older units are not remote capable.

There are a couple listed in the classifieds now..
Audio Analogue Puccini SE. Remote, 50wpc, EXTREMELY musical, and can be had for ~$1200 NEW.

I compared the non-remote SE version a while back to several integrateds: YBA Integere Alpha DT, Bryston B-60, Aranov LS960i. Although I think the Aranov was actually the best overall in terms of everything hifi, the AA won me over musicaslly.

It has a slight lushness to the mid's that is very smooth and appealing. Yes, a coloration, but OH so musical IMO. Not quite as lush as old tube sound, but a little warmer than neutral (while still not losing detail).

The SE version has two transformers, should provide good power for the Spendors. The regular Puccini may even be OK, but the dynamics, power, and bass are better with the SE.

Whatever you choose, lots of luck!

Todd - chams_uk
check out the Plinius 8200II -