Streamers from miniDSP with built in room correction!

Hey everyone,
So one of my dirty habits is looking around used equipment sites trying to score a great, cheap surround processor. I admit it, I’m cheap, and demanding when it comes to audio gear. Some A’goner once tried to insult me by saying the could not imagine me spending money on gear, and honestly it was a badge of honor for me.

- HAH! -

So anyway, I came across a couple of neat, inexpensive streamers from miniDSP! Among the cheapest I’ve seen, plus they include Dirac room correction!

While some of them include DAC’s, at least one DOES NOT!! This is so cool. Essentially it is a pure streamer + room correction system, but still outputs to a DAC via S/PDIF / AES or ... USB!


I am really tempted to get one, if I don’t just get a new surround processor instead.


I’m pretty happy with the SHD Studio. It has replaced a Logitech Touch. It runs squeezelite, and I stream to it using LMS or Roon. It applies Dirac corrections and outputs to my dac. 
Thanks @mktmkt !
That's exactly the environment I'm moving from.

I've got a Raspberry Pi streaming to my DAC via USB, but the LMS is getting old, and doesn't support much besides Tidal. I could just switch to Volumio too, but I am not a fan of subscription software.
LMS is hard to beat, and piCorePlayer is very nice. I have Roon but it annoys me.

The SHD Studio comes with Volumio but I turned it off. miniDPS support can feel a little haphazard but they seem to be well meaning. I had to ask for the user name /password so that I could ssh into it and fix squeezelite. But in the end it was OK. I have not upgraded to Dirac 2 yet.

If you want Dirac and are trying to keep the number of boxes at a minimum, it seems like a reasonable option. I have LSM or Roon -> SHD Studio -> Benchmark DAC3 -> Benchmark amps.

The SHD (non-Studio) can do crossovers and integrate a sub-woofer.

Two main reasons I want to get off LMS:

1 - Support for streaming services is mediocre. I want a live Tidal experience

2 - I just refreshed my piCore and lost all my stations. They're in the "mysqueezebox" but I'm kind of tired with it feeling like I'm tinkering all the damn time. I want it to just work and i don't wan tto spend $5,000 for $30 worth of parts wiht an ethernet port.