Best Integ'td Tube Amp w/ Silverline Sonata IIIs?

Ok Id like some advice here. I've got Silverline Sonata III's and Im currently breaking them in with the Plinius 9200 integrated amp. Most people agree that a low-powered SET tube amp is the best way to go with the Sonata's. I'll probably keep the Plinius as a spare system. Im looking for an integrated tube SET amp, with remote, that will drive the Sonata's and maintain a healthy dose of bass authority, for $2000 - $3000, used. Thanks for your help.
You might want to try an ASL leyla 845 tube amp. It has a remote and the 845 tube will give you much better bass and weight to the music than a 300b IMHO. There are better 845 tube integrateds, but not in your price range, that I am aware of.

Hope that helps.
How about the Art Audio Diavalo 13 watt integrated.

Also I think that the Pass Aleph series amps sound great with the Sonatas. I use the Aleph 2s with my sonatas and it sounds great. With the higher sensitivity Sonata 3s you could get by with the available used for under 1k Aleph 3 (which I think sounds even better than the 3x the price Aleph 2s)
I heard the Audion MKII EL34 driven SET amp and was thoroughly impressed--about $2100 new. Also, you might ask Alan Yun himself. I listened to the Sonata III's at his place, driven by a 7W SET he had built himself, and it sounded like pure heaven. I'm sure he would have some stellar recommendations. Amazing speaker you have!