Best for Audio and HT surround: Kef Ref1 vs SF evolution vs Raidho C1.1

Hello everyone.  Looking for a "hybrid" system where I can enjoy both music and HT surround.  After looking around, I think monitors would be a great option.  I listen to most soul, R&B, rock, indie with a focus on great vocals and some Jazz and classical.  I wonder if I should look for something that has a matching center speaker as mixing brands may not bring a harmounious theater experience.  I'm open to other brands as well.  Budget for speakers 10K-13K.  My plan is to get a good pre/pro like Arcam 860 and a multichannel amp like a McIntosh MC303.  

Dear Redphu72, 

I am a trained theater designer, and in our shop we use the KEF Ref 3 with the Ref 2 center channel, JL Audio Fathom sub, Runco projector with an Audio Pro Maestro Pre/pro and the system sounds fantastic.

We chose the Kef for a number of reasons:

1: They play very loud the Ref 3 with do 114db the Ref 1 will do 112db

2: They are horn loaded with a point source driver. The Kef UniQ design is basically a shallow horn loaded dome tweeter in the center of the midrange driver. This design ensures very wide off axis sound and as they midrange and tweeter eminate from the same place, the sound is very coherent.
3: KEF makes a complete line of HT products from both the Reference, R series and Q series lines as well as THX approved in ceiling speakers which are perfect for ATMOS or side or rear channels.

So it is possible to go with Ref 1 or 3 with a R series Center channel to save money if necessary 

They are also very durable howerver, they have service in the USA, Raidho service for drivers would have to come from Europe.

Also The Raidho tweeter has a tendency to be hyper detailed which might be too much of a good thing, and I don't think they make a matching center. 

The Kef are dynamic and detailed, with high power handling they are perfect for theater, the Sonus tend to be smooth but lack the punchy clean sound that the KEF's provide.

For all of these reasons, we went with KEF for our reference theater you can see the theater in our store tour:

Please give us a call we have designed many theaters, one of our theaters was featured on Rev Run's Rennovation Season Two Secret CInema.

You can see the KEF THX in walls and in ceilings in the show.

Dave owner
Audio Doctor NJ