Best earbuds/earphones

Trying to take the show on the road and I'm wondering what earbuds you found to be the best. I bought a pair of UltimateEars TripleFI 10 which have been highly touted and they sound terrible. I guess it has something to do with the seal but none of the sizes work for me. No bass at all and very bright. $30 Skullcandy my wife has sound tons better so it is odd. I doubt the UE's are that bad, just do not work for me.

Any suggestions on a good set?
Richard_stacy, I would recommend the HF2/HF5 and ER4P over the 6i. The 6i doesn't sound as good as the HF series and ER4P, and they don't fit as snug because of the short, stubby capsule.

The HF2 and HF5 are the same, except the HF2 adds a microphone for use with a phone. If you spend anytime talking on a phone (especially in noisy places), the HF2 is great. I don't understand Etys way of using "model numbers". The "2, 4, 5 and 6" don't run in any particular order to help explain which is the better model.

Here is a list of Etys starting with the best sounding:

1. ER4
2. HF5 or HF2
3. ER6i

Depending on what the application is, will determine what ER4 is best. The "P" version is great for listening with iPods and portable players without an external amp. The "S" version is for applications when a good headphone amp/output is used. The "B" version is for special binaural recording applications and is not recommended for consumer music listening.

There is a new MC model coming soon, but I have not had time to listen to them. They are suppose to be an entry level model, so the ER4 and HF2/5 are still the models to look at.
Without getting into the good/better/best concept, I'm using the Westone 3 earphones. I've had them about a year and for me at least they sound great and are very comfortable. I walk and or run every day, so I use them 1-2 hours every day with an iPhone as a music source. I do over 2000 miles/year so that's a lot of earphone time.

Westone is in Colorado and was primarily in the hearing aid business so that's probably why they are comfortable. The Westone 3 has actually 3 balanced armature drivers (3 way crossover) in each earphone so the sound is good. They also seal well and you don't get much outside sound so you can keep the volume lower hopefully saving your hearing.

Hope this helps...
Once again, great stuff.

Hellofi...Sounds like the P version is what I am looking for. I think I read that those are sold at the Apple store so I may try to run out there although they may not carry the ER4 being more of a higher end piece. There are a ton on Ebay but prolly to big a risk.

Pk...I had not heard of that brand but will research them as well. Thank you.
i used to be big on earphones and headphones before moving into speakers

depending on your budget, i'd look into the shure se530 or westone 3

for cheaper options, the klipsch x10 and head-direct re0

ety's are good for accuracy/detail, but they are on the bright/cold side.. not very musical and not much bass
Richard_stacy, I have used the ER-4P since 2000 and keep them at home since the HF-2 came out. They both sound great with my iPhone and I really like the microphone and "button" on the HF-2 for talking and working out.

There is a newer version of the HF-2 coming out soon that will have three "buttons" on the mic for volume. I will probably get them because I use workout a lot and like having easy access to those controls without reaching in my pocket and looking at the screen. Most Apple Stores carry the HF-2.

One thing I can highly recommend is trying the different tips that come with the Etys. This makes a big difference in sound quality and comfort. Everyone's ears are different, and you want to make sure your have a good seal, while still being comfortable.