Westone UM2 earphones

I'm seeking to upgrade my stock ipod earphones. Searching the web on earphone sites, the Westone UM2 seems to get the nod in preference of the Shure, Etymotic or Ultimate Ears. However, there seems to be no Westone buzz on audiophile sites. Has anyone used these earphones and compared them to the others?.
I have a pair of UM2s and really like them. I didn't do any listening comparisions before I bought them, but have done some since, & I haven't changed yet.

You might check out head-fi.com. There's lot of information on all the earphones.
I bought UM2's recently and very happy with them. They are bass-rich, mellow, and offer detail in mids and highs that are prominent without being "in your face". They are incredibly comfortable too, especially for an over-the-ear IEM.

There is a new model pending release called the Westone 3 that will, allegedly, be the kickoff to a new series that will have a sonic signature closer to the Shures; that is, less bass rich, more prominent detail in mids and highs. I might buy that one as well. Anyway, this could mean that some UM2's will show up for sale used.

Check it out at www.earphonesolutions.com. Great customer service, very knowlegeable. If you order on the web, some of the items respond to discount codes save35, save30, save10 or save5. Mostly they respond to the latter two codes, but every little bit of savings helps. The shure E series has steeper discounts as the new Shure SE series seems to offer more value at each price point.

The best used board I've found so far for used earphones, by the way, is in the forums at www.head-fi.com.

Interesting discussions in those forums, as well as at www.ilounge.com.

i tried the Ety's, Shures, and UEs before finding happiness with the Westone UM2s. Without doubt the smoothest and leas fatiguing of the high-end choices. I ultimately upgraded to the Westone ES3 (custom molds and 3-way driver). Although this was a noticeable improvement, it made me realize just how good the UM2s were. That said, it is important to experiment with the tips. I happened to like the large foam tips, as they gave the best seal and improved bass, but others have commented that they prefer the flange tips better.

If you spend some time on head-fi.org, you will see that the UM2s have been very favorably reviewed there.
My favorites have been UM2's but now the Westone 3 has just been released (in the past couple of weeks). I've got a pair at home and they are just a bit more neutral top to bottom, more extended in the treble while still refined, and detailed in the bass while still very deep in bass.

Overall it seems a very noticable incremental improvement top to bottom, while retaining the very natural and musical family sound.