Sporty SIE2 and SIE2i Earphones

Baise get rid of a tried and trusted business spirit of the design in its latest headphone range. Cooperation with Reebok created the American audio the firm SIE2 and iOS specific SIE2i of headphones, sports, fitness and gym in mind, and a vibrant, eye-catching color scheme.

They are Baise launch a special headphone fitness market, marks the first time so that their high stability, sweat and water resistance and durability. Exclusive Reebok fitness armband is also included, in place, will allow the music player or smart phone- monster beats by dr dre heaphones.

The main difference between the two modes is also equipped with a microphone on the Internet, with the iPhone and SIE2i. The only other significant difference is the SIE2i green or orange, SIE2, just green.

Improve the audio performance of Bose TriPort acoustic technology, which provides a neutral sound field. Other headphone bass on the market too heavy, or artificially increase the frequency, the clarity and precision of the Bose headphones and monster beats headphone created.

Bud sound ports of the building, and its water resistance, and function of the hydrophobic fabric cover, in order to maintain moisture and let sound through. Even on the microphone SIE2i set, has a watertight button shell.

Each model is different sizes (small, medium and large) StayHear tips to ensure that they stay in the ear, even in strenuous exercise. Monster Beats By Dr Dre SOLO HD Headphone sale at best price now.
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