Best DVD Audio NOT SACD recordings.

This is not a SA Vs DVDA post. I have both player and like both for different reasons. Most of the problem with DVD Audio Titles are that they are either old remastered titles or unheard world musicians. Could anyone recommend an awesome recording in the DVD-A format.
I want to know about a recording where female / male voice stands out and the instrument quality should be very clear (acoustic like)
basically, I am impressed with what DVD audio can do but I still dont think I have seen it's true potential.
I dont mind even if they are high unsampled 2 channel recordings...
Alan Parsons Project "Brain Surgery Salad" - best rock DVD-A - as good as any SACD multichannel that I have. Bueuna Vista Social Club is well recorded, if you like that kind of music. Doors "LA Women" is a remaster, but still quite good. Fourplay is decent Jazz, although not in the league of the better SACDs. Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" is a remaster but very good. Most of the classical DVD-A are nearly as good as their SACD counterparts. Stay away from the Foreignier and Deep Purple rock remasters as they are not well done and not up to good old vinyl. Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies is not too bad. Unfortunately, that's about it from the 25 or DVD-A's that I had --ther's no Partrica Barber style/quality vocals to be found.

SACD multichannel (now about 42 discs) seems to blowing right by DVD-A, which is a shame because both formats can sound quite good if mixed properly. Finally, some of the DTS DVD mixes are not too bad, even though they are only 20 bit. --Lorne
Brain Salad Surgery is an Emerson, Lake and Palmer audio release, not an Alan Parsons Project. And it is an old 70's remaster. Alan Parsons does Soft Rock.
any others?
The best i have heard (i have quite a few)is Hotel
california. A couple of songs on the Dishwalla release
are breathtaking. There is one song that i believe
is called candleburn that the vocals are just amazingly
clear on my system the closest i have heard to the real thing. We need more thats for sure...
hotel california; riding with the king; both big phat bands are good. monheit singing misty on bucky P trio
Steely Dan 2 against nature and everything must go
Donald Fagen nightfly
Pat Methany I don't recall the name of this recording
I really like Don Fagen's Kamakiriad. Better than the Nightfly, but both are excellent.
Fleetwood Mac Rumours is pretty good.
Never Goin Back Again is a standout track.
I have Graham Nash & David Crosby live DVDa called Another Stoney Night.
It is totally acoustic show and very good.
Ryan Adams Gold is another one I would recommend.