Best DIY isolation for speakers stands

I heard about ball berings, mouse pads, drawer pullies...etc. Which one is working best for YOU?
I've also heard of people using Vibrapods with good results. But for me I'm letting my Sonus Faber Concertinos rest on their built-in leather wrap. However, I'm taking a much more unusual and cost effective approach for mounting my ProAc Tablette 50 Signatures on my Lovan Imperial 2900 stands.

Being an artist, I took a piece of kneaded eraser and sectioned it into 8 smaller pieces. I rolled each one up into a snotball-sized lump and placed them near the four corners of the bottom of each speaker. After pressing down slightly on the speakers, the erasers flatten into dime-sized pads and serve to protect and isolate the ProAcs from the stands.

I have know idea if they've made a sonic difference, but they do what I want and they're cheap. Who else here has grey boogers under their speakers?
Gunbei, I try and blow my nose on tissue paper not my speakers and I'm not sure your friends would like the aesthetics, you being an artist and all. I went to Home Depot and bought two of the densest floor tiles to uncouple the stands from my carpet. I also bought vinyl self adhesive squares, can't think of the name, floor protectors? I'm using them between the stands and speakers.
Wirehead, it never fails...whenever I have to blow my nose a tissue is nowhere to be found. But I always seem to be around my speakers. I like your Home Depot fixes. Maybe I'll give them a try. A person only has so much mucus.
I use glass table top separators. You know the stuff you put under the glass so it wont stick to the wood underneath. They are very dense, yet give enough under the weight of the speakers.