Best DIY Bulk Power cord to buy????????????

What is the best bulk power cord to buy, if its Belden then which model?

Thanks everyone out there, especially the DIY Gurus.
I have tried plenty of power cords and I do love the Audience among all. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Belden 83808. Silver plated, 12 Ga, shielded and teflon insulated. Makes a stiff PC though.

Ordered a 100' roll on the net last month for the advertized price of $255. They emailed back that the price has risen to $440 due to manufacturer's costs. I cancelled.
Yup I believe that, price of copper has gone out of whack so.......
Sorry, 83803.

Cabtire works fine and is often better than stock. At least, it can be a true 14 or 12 Ga.
I like Belden 19364, it is flexible, easy to terminate and sounds very, very balanced. Thanks to the late Bob Crump for this one.
Anyone out there, Belden 83802 OR 19364 ? Which is the better cable for power cords?
Supra LoRad.
I made my own 83803. Pretty good for my high current amp.

Not as good as a VH Flavor 4 but great for the $.
Not as good as a VH Flavor 4 in what way? Please educate?
6 footer of the VH 4 I believe is $185 or so for this.
I have tried around 60 powercords in my life with various systems, and some priced way beyond the norms including Siltech's top of the line and Synergistic and so many more I cant even list. I am just questioning what the industry or how much money they are making.
I have decided to try some cheaper DIY to what this is all about to understand better, I still use Audience Power Cords as my reference today cause they sound different and I like it.
How good is the VH 4 compared to your DIY 83803?
Please advise. I truly appreciate your input on this
Belden digital video broadcast cable. It has a 200 Khz bandwith. It's the same cord some famous manufacturers claiming 'neutrality' on their power cords use.
Psychicanimal- what's the Belden model #?
I forgot to mention that, you do not need to buy a full spool of wire to make a couple of cords, you can order the Volex cords from Anixter, Mouser or various other parts suppliers. They are Belden 19364 with no IEC end, and a molded on male wall plug. They are very inexpensive and you can just cut off the male plug and use the plugs of your choice. If you order a longer length, say four meters, you can also cut it into two and make two cords from it.
Kana, there's several cables available. The jacket is purple and the cable conductors are in a Litz configuration, Teflon insulated copper. Don't know exact model number, though. The Belden site shows them all.

Now which companies use this in their power cords? My AudioPrism Super Natural is purple. Surprised I was while in Detroit watching the 4th of July fireworks I saw *that* purple cable coming in and out of the TV broadcast trailers. Surplus signal transmission wire is the best deal for DIY. My speaker cable is military surplus signal transmission wire, Teflon insulated silver plated copper. The price is 65 cents a foot.

I spent my cable money in Ridge Street Audio interconnects.