Best digital interconnect under 300 used

I would need your help and experience:

I'm looking for a good RCA digital IC to connect my Squeezebox and my PS Audio DLIII Cullen Stage IV DAC.

I'm interested only in used cables. Done some research, my picks at the moment:

Acustic Zen - MC2 = ZEN
Wireworld Gold Starlight 5
Audience - AU24

Which of them would be the best? I like warm, analog-like sound. (I am open to other suggestions too.)

Thank you for your kind help in advance.

The Stereovox XV2 Ultra has those traits you seek, while still retaining resolution and detail. it's not quite so edgy as the XV2 version.

used, it would range in your budget.

There are a number of these sorts of threads just recently. I posted one as well but for a bit more money. Search the threads and you should get plenty of other choices.

Green Hornet was one mentioned in my own querry... new it goes for $325.
The best I have heard is new in your price range,
from Joe Mazzaglia of Auricle Audio Design,
Encore Signature Digital for $150 list price.
This cable transmits whatever your equipment is capable of delivering.
Easily surprises listeners who think they were already enjoying the best from their system.
I have not listened to the three on your list but just did a shootout with the Stereovox xv2 ultra and the Kimber D-60 and was surprised that the Kimber easily knocked off the Stereovox. Both cables were well broken in. I too had done a lot of Audiogon reading on the subject and was shocked because the new Stereovox has had such good reviews. Maybe it's my equipment, who knows? But the Kimber is available for under your budget.
Thank you for all the answers. Anybody who has any experience on MC2 vs. Gold Starlight 5?