BEST DAC under $2k

Hi. Looking to move into DAC world and trying to get any comparisons between ARES II DAC, MHDT Orchard or TUBADOR III DAC.  Anyone have experience with either and can anyone give me a comparison? Running Cary Audio SL 80 Signature tube amp, Manley Chinook preamp, Linn Sonedek 12, with Fritz Carbon VII mk II speakers. Thank you.
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Phill55 - I am in the same boat...there is an insightful discussion here:
...with additional information forthcoming as these DAC's and others may be further evaluated in the next month or so.

Thanks, for best performance build to cost MHDT Orchard looks solid but for that extra $500 getting an upgraded TUBADOUR III with new caps,etc seems (via all the threads I have read) to deliver a 30% increase in overall sound with the right system and speakers.