Best configuration for Pioneer DV-47 & Theta DAC?

Hi all,

I just treated myself to upgrading my DVD player to the new DV-47.
Previous to this, I had the Pioneer DV-37 which was connected to a Theta
DAC via coax. When I connected the new DV-47 in the same configuration I
heard a clicking noise. The unit played fine from the analog outs of the
player. I then stumbled upon a setting which allowed you to change the
digital out from Dolby Digital to Dolby Digital > PCM. Changing it to the
Digital > PCM allowed the audio to come through.

Question is... is this the best configuration for these two pieces? My
receiver is simple Pro Logic way before AC-3, etc...


I think it has to be the way you ended up with...PCM is the cd format. I don't know what the dolby digital out format is, but it seems like it doesnt conform to the cd standard. There is probably someone out there who is more sure of this than me, but I think you got it right. And even if you had a digital INPUT on your Pioneer that accepted the digital out of the dvd for audio, the theta dac (whichever one it is) should be better at d/a than the receiver.
There are about 1 billion possible settings on that player, you would do well to read the manual to get these right. A friend tried one, hated it initially, spend a few hours resetting some of the sound "enhancing" features to make it sound OK (but not great).
Your dac and most audio dacs will not know what to do with a dolby digital signal. You have to use the PCM. Also it will do the same on higher bit outputs on the player as the dac knows not what a 24 bit 96k stream is. You will be confined to using the dac for your "redbook" cd's and using the dac in the dv47 for other more hi rez sources like dvd-a or sacd by using the analog outputs. The digital out for dolby dig or dts can only go to a surround processor or reciever with those logos on them.