Best CD player directly to Amp?

I'm thinking of letting go of my Pass Labs X-1 preamp and get a good CD player that has a integrated volume control that can directly drive my Rowland model 10 Amp into a pair of Revel Salons. Alot of people has raved about the Audio Aero Capitole, but the new one is coming out now and it's out of my price range. I could probably swing around $5,000 right now for a new or used player. Any suggestions appreciated.
I've had good results with my Mark Levinson 390s, although it might be a tad above your price range.
Audio Aero Capitol mine is just getting better the more I listen the more I like it.
I'm getting a Resolution Audio Opus 21 to connect to my Rowland Model 10 and Piega p10's. I'll let you know what i think. They are supposed to start shipping out tommorrow.
All hail the Audio Aero Capitole!
Is that the new Aero Capitole everyone is recommending or it's the old one? The other option for me is to keep the Pass X-1 and buy a Sony SCD-XA777ES. Which do you think is a better route? Thanks for you advices so far.
Well no one has heard the new one, maybe by the end of the week. I ordered a new one and am hoping it is at least as good as the old one; either way I don't think you can go wrong. Test drive one and you will understand what everyone else is saying.
I would go Audio Aero (old or new) for your associated equipment, but that is based upon my tastes...

ML 390S is also a strong choice, but probably not as well suited to your system (unless you like a LOT of detail).

Muse Thalia Nine Gen.2 & Muse Erato, both are superb.

Good Luck,
I don't know about the "best", but Cary 306/200 with remote volume option does the job. Listed $5500, but you can get a lot less than $5000. To my ears, in my system, sounds great.
Where's all the Wadia fans? I am surprised that no one has mentioned any of the Wadia players. I have used the Wadia 860, and now have an 861. Both are excellent cd players, if you want to skip a preamp. Plus the Wadias can be adjusted, individually, to fit your system. I found them to be quite warm, with a great soundstage. And they are well within your price range.
There are also some really good modifications available, plus they are built like a tank. Check out Steve Huntley's Great Northern Sound Company website,, and check the Stereophile archives. They recently did an article on the 861.
I tried a Levinson 390s, after I sold my Wadia 860, but I found it to be a bit bright in my system, so I picked up an 861, and have been very happy.
You can find Wadias, here, occasionally, but they don't last long. Check them out further on the Wadia website.
Hope that helps.
The Resolution Audio stuff is so good. It is every bit as good as all the fine players listed above. They (Resolution
Audio) turn out that quality @$3000 new. I'll put up the Resolution Audio stuff to ANY player out their sonically.
I'm anxious to try the new Opus 21.
Try the new Wadia 301 cd-player. Very similar performance to the Wadia 861 but at half it's retail price.
I have my Wadia 7 + 9 combo connect directly to the amps. I think I am set for the next ten, twenty years. No more spending money on Audio equiptments !!! not even a tweak. Lucky me :-)

I recently put the Resolution Audio Opus 21 up against the Wadia 301 for a long home trial. The Resolution Audio Opus 21 won in most every category except, a) sense of slam and authority, and b) tank like build quality (including its huge size). In the categories that mattered most to me, like clarity, lack of digititus, soundstage, articulation of each instrument, etc., the Opus 21 won the day. I have also compared it to the $4,500 Naim player and the Older Theta gear. All are bested by the Opus 21.