Best Cd player 1000.00 range used as transport ?

Whats the best cd player , in that general price range, where I would be using the digital out, bypassing the cd player's da converters . Speakers are Legacy Sig III's , amp Classe 301, musical taste jazz, blues, rock, preference clear warm liquid sound. Thanks.
Suggest you try a Sony SCD-C555ES changer. I paid $600 new with a rite of return. I much preferred it over the Warren Modified Aiwa changer and it challenges my Parasound CBD-2000, which is also a good transport. Take the money you would save and invest in a good jitter reduction device and cables.
Why are you looking for a CD player if you are going to bypass the DAC section? Look for a dedicated transport instead. Look at the Muse Model Five and Theta Data Basic II. You can find them used for well under $1000.
There is a Metronome T20 Signature dedicated transport on here right now for $750, an incredible deal. As said above, why buy a DAC you're not going to use, when you can buy a piece optimized for your needs? Good luck!
I picked up an Esoteric (Teac) P1 transport for about $900 USD recently- circa 1988. Built like a tank, the transport is actually the top version that uses the Teac VRDS clamping system. Let's put it this way- I sold my Audio Aero Capitole once I heard this oldy-but-goddie transport with a good dac- no contest. Tough to find though. I do know a guy here in Toronto who has one in mint condiiton that he would sell for $1,500 USD.
Agree with the above postings. If you've already got a good DAC then buy a dedicated transport (Theta, Meridian etc). If you don't yet have a DAC save yourself the trouble and buy the best one box player you can find.
Sean- I have been the high-end one-box route, and would not go back that way unless something came along that blew me out of the water. Transport-Dac combo is the way to go IMHO.
Sutts, do you take cost into account. For $1000 total outlay you still prefer two-box, over one box. (BTW I have a 3 box setup inc monarchy DIP that cost $500 total, which I think outperforms any $500 one box player I have heard, but these are all ancient pieces, from early 90s ... and it took a lot of messing around to get it right, plus homebrewed cables).

The one big advantage for a two box approach is you can buy a very old but very good DAC without having to worry about the reliability of an old CD transport. I don't believe the hype on modern DACs ... oldies can be goodies because of great output stages, power supplies and general over-design.

Darryl ... I think the optimum performance for the money, if you don't mind rolling up your sleeves, is to get a 10yr old top end DAC (e.g. Theta) and a cheap new player (e.g. Marantz CD5000) and then add a dedicated after market reclocking, buffered digital out, like the one from trichord (There are other cheaper available). $500 DAC, $250 Marantz, $200 upgrades.

Or you can save a lot of time and get a one-box player. If I had to do it all over again that's what I'd do.
Already have a great dac. I guess to boil down the real question, will a seperate transport on redbook cd really be a significant improvement over say a Sony 555es on redbook cd using the digital out? That boys is the real question. What do you think ?
I just replaced my theta data basic II with a cheap
sony DVD player used as a transport. The SONY presents more detail, wider soundstage and more pronounced bass. Lasers
wear out over time. I would not recommend buying an
old transport.
Ok boys the Welcher Man has made a statement . Any comments?
Sean- I can't disagree with that logic- there are some very good older dacs. Actually, i heard form a guy I trust that the Manley Reference dac (not sold anymore, and retailed for, like big bucks) is superb- you're right, due to proper power supply; and overall build quality; etc. I guess I wasn't taking price into account either. Well, we all make choices- mine was the older transport to go with a newer dac, for someone else the reverse might work- as long as the music flows, all is good!
I prefer the sound of my old dac (Micromega Duo BS 2) to the analog out of the Sony SCD-C555ES. I use the Sony as a transport as I need a changer. The Sony feeds an AA DTI Pro. All cables are Harmonic Tech. The Micromega had a little more "body" to it. The Sony may not have been completely broken in when I compared them.
Buy a good dedicated transport. I started 8 years ago with a Cal Delta transport and changed to use dvd players. First a Pioneer DV-414 then to the DV-333 then the DV-343. The Cal sounded close enough to the Pioneer DVD players. I now just bought a Proceed CDD transport for $900.00 and what a hugh differance in sound. My first Dac was a Theta Cobolt, then the PS Audio Ultralink II dac and now the Audio Note DAC 1.1x. All were tried on the before mentioned transports and the Proceed, by a large margin, sounds the best.