Best cartridge/stylus for Lenco L75, with RB300

I will be starting the famous Lenco Home Depot TT project, and I need to know opinions from anyone out there that has experimented with cartridges for the Lenco L75 TT when used with the Rega RB300 arm. My arm has been incognitoed, and is using the Expressimo Heavy Weight. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Search the infamous thread.

Rega arms are happy with a lot of carts, so you have a wide choice. Depends on your budget, phono pre, etc etc.

Nantais has been extolling the virtues of Grado carts, so one must assume there are no hum problems with the Lenco table.
Thanks for the info. I have a Grado Platinum. I will try it before I think of selling it. an OL modded Rega 250 with pretty amazing results on my GL 75. But unless you can find a used one you may think that putting a $1500 cartridge in a $300 arm on a $100 turntable smacks of madness. Not to my ears.

I am currently using a Linn Ittok arm and Linn Karma cartridge while the Koetsu is re-tipped. This is also a combination I can recommend highly. Very detailed and revealing without being analytical, and much more punch than the Linn turntable they used to reside on.

That should have started "I have use a Koetsu Black....."
From what I`v been reading the Lenco can be made to sound better then alot of the high priced TT`s out there, so putting a $1500 cartridge on a Lenco makes sense to me. Now, I also have a Ruby 2 that I was thinking of selling, but maybe I will like to try that on a Lenco and the RB300. Would that cartridge be overkill? From what I could get for a lightly used Ruby 2, I could possibly get a better catridge suited for my setup. This was the main reason for my thread. I want the best combination for the money. Not the best combination money can buy, and the Lenco project excites me more then going out there and buying a ready made setup. Thanks again for your replys, and help.