Rega RB300 Arm Need Help with Setup

Hi, I have an Oracle Alexandria
Sorry, somehow my question was eaten by the moderator. I have an Oracle Alexandria TT Mark II w. Rega RB 300 Arm Modified I am trying to set up. I have an aftermarket counterweight. Rega's instructions (with no diagram) state to balance the arm, then set the downforce dial to the required downforce, and the antiskate dial as well. My arm only has one dial, and one vertical sliding lever underneath. I am confused. Is the tracking force dial on the factory counterweight? What is the sliding lever marked 1-2?. Is the dial to the right of the pivot point the anti-skate?
The silver vertical slider is the anti-skate. There should be a dial on the right hand outside of the bearing housing, that is the dynamic balance tracking force guage. Set both to zero, balance the arm with the stylus just bearly touching the groove by moving the aftermarket counterweight. Then add the tracking force and anti-skate. Many prefer the anti-skate below the calibrated figure. For an interesting alternate way to set tracking see the Origin Live website.
The spring that pushes the arm down resonates. To improve the sound of your arm set the weight for the highest setting available which clamps the spring tight. Use only the rear counterweight to set your VTF. If you use the Shure scale, it registers slightly light. A better reading can be had by not following their directions..instead hang the 2 front feet off of the edge of the turntable platter and set your weight accordingly. My advice is to use NO anti-skate. I am not quite positive about your arm, but have experimented with a number of arms, and they all sound better without anti-skate.