Best Budget Sub?

I have under a grand to spend and have been thinking about HSU, Velodyne, SVS and a Sunfire Junior. I have a pair of Monitor Auido 5i and 3i and a 10i on a Outlaw 1050 receiver. I am looking for a sub that is musical but can also go deep and loud for movies. Thanks in advance.
The HSU is nice for $500. Also look for a REL Q Series sub like the Q100E or the new Q150E. The Q150E might be about about a $1000. Check with Ambrosia Audio at
think vmps, w/a marchand xm-9 24db/octave x-over, & a used cheap solid-state amp. far better sonics, extension, spl, etc., than anything else for $1k, even used. my opinion, of course... ;~)

doug s.

Parts Express 1hr kit for $350 is better than most subs costing $1200.
Look at Axiom Audio. I use their EP175 which is a 10 inch alum driver and 175 watt amp with my JM Lab 915.1's. Very quick, musical and blends well.

They pay for shipping and give you a 30 day trial.
Also a used REL strata, sub $1000. If you don't like it (very unlikely) it's an easy resell, probably with little if any loss. I found a 6 month old strata3 for $800. Pretty hard to beat that.
If music is your priority, you only real choices are REL or ACI. At under $1k, you'll have to find used or demo. Ome up with $1100 for a new ACI. Don't sell yourself short on an inferior sub, it will ruin your musical enjoyment.
tiny, it's obvious that you've never auditioned vmps subs... ;~) and, fwiw, i tried a rel strata, & i'd rather have *no* sub...

so, swong - be careful, & make your *own* decisions, based upon your *own* ears telling you what you like. my advice is to take no advice at all - including this! ;~)

doug s.

I love the Velodyne SPL 1200. Beautiful sound.
Hsu Research VTF-2. I've heard it. Two of my friends have it. I have the VELODYNE HGS-15 (list $2500 - I paid $1800), and it sounds almost as good; definitely not only 1/5 or even 1/3 as good. If I had bought it first, I probably would be happy.
I've been looking for an affordable, musical, powerful sub for months. The one I'm probably going to order is the new ACI Force. Introductory pricing is around $750 and it reportedly sounds virtually identical to their larger Titan II LE. Just a little bit leass output for a whole lot less bucks. I like the idea of the home trial.