Best Belden Cables For Speaker Wire


What are the best Belden cables for speaker wire?
I am looking for both solid core and stranded.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated...
from what I hear in the forums,a brand called blue jeans that are beldin cables are a good choice,research them to see what you may prefer.cheers!
Suggest 1313A.
I have been selling Belden 9497 on EBAY for several years and have had nothing but positive comments from my customers. It is especially musical with low impedance tube applications. It is the wire I use in my own tube based system if you care I have a video up on youtube. Just search Belden 9497 it... shows my Werner Jagusch Crossover outboard using the wire on the screen shot.
I am using a belden 5t00p between my marantz int 8400 and totem hawks and it works well.  It is a pure stranded copper 10awg, twisted to lower inductance and rf, sold in many places including bluejean.  It provides more extension, dynamics and transparency with the hawks compared to canare 4s11 and 4s8, and kimber 4pr.  It's more likely that the size makes a difference with the demanding scanspeak driver.  On bright bookshelves, i prefer canare. On warm bookshelves, i prefer kimber.