Best Amps for Reference 3A Grand Veena speakers

I've been reading a lot of excellent reviews on the Reference 3A grand Veena speakers. If you have a pairs please tell me what amps you are running and what amps you didn't think where a good match? If you just have a opinion based on a listening session - let me know?
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I have the Ref 3a veena... the preceding model.

As the rave reviews indicate... they will reveal your power sources like few others can. After a lot of amp swapping, I am currently set with the Cayin 88t tube. 44wpc...22 wpc in triode mode. The Veenas are extra special with tube gear. I attribute this to the "no crossover design".

I have several involved setups in one single listening room. Many listeners are struck by the distinct Veena sound. I am considering a move up to the grand veenas... but it is getting crowded in here!
Hi Listenhere -

What do you believe is the distinct Veena sound?
talked to tosh at ref 3a who mentioned they like no feedback. i have a music reference rm9 mk1 that has been modded so that the low ,medium, and high feedback settings are now no feed, low, and medium. no feedback provides the least constricted sound with the most bloom.
Hi Gerrym5,

It is everything you have heard of and more. They are incredibly transparent, musical, coherent and a joy to own. Have speakers inc. sophia, coincident, audio note, von schweikert, kharma etc but for me it is clearly the grand veena. It combines the easy going nature of audio note, musicality of vs, transperancy of coincident in one great speaker. I am using antique sound 1009 monos with it, make sure to use a compatible amp if you take the plunge. And do yourself a grace and go and audition them, preferably in an a/b setting with your favorite speaker...