Reference 3A Grand Veena vs Emerald Physics CS2.3

I wonder if you guys have any comparative experience between the Grand Veena and the CS2.3? I have read numerous reviews on the Veena and ALL seem to be VERY positive. I have not had a chance to hear them myself though. I was able to hear the CS2.3 at the latest RMAF and thought they were very nice. I currently have the CS2's and so the CS2.3 seem to be a logical upgrade. It would be great to eliminate the need for bi-amping. I do however think that external crossovers are a great idea and will come more into the marketplace.

So, what kind of insight can you guys provide? I realize that it may actually be a long shot that someone will have heard both but I thought I would ask.


It's funny that some threads don't get any answers and other go on and on...sorry I can't contribute
Hi Cloud,

I can only say that Grand Veenas are incredible, a huge value for what they ask for and also one of the best I ve heard so far. Since I did not listen to Emerald, I cant comment on that but it has to be very very good to exceed GV.

A must audition before buying anything.

I'm in a similar boat and unfortunately do not have an answer for you. I am very interested in the Grand Veena's but would like to audition them prior to committing. Much like Emerald Physics 2.3, you can arrange for a 30 day trial with the Grand Veena's, but the shipping back if you elect not to keep either is likely to be a hassle.

Did you ultimately make a choice? How happy are you with your selection?

Would you be able to go back to a Box speaker ? I heard the CS3s and found them to be very open,transparent and surprisingly well balanced across the frequency spectrum. the level of control once can have on the sound via the crossover is a bit eerie though !
I know this thread is old but I'd like to add a little into the post from Arj.
The "crossover is a bit eerie". Yes,you can alter the sound,even though we are conditioned to traditionally believe that its best left up to the engineers.
The Behringer has 3 built in crossover slopes and filters. Linkwitz-Riley,Butterworth,Bessel.You can adjust gains,and x'over points lows and highs.
I'm not electronic savyy but you can play around with the crossovers,input levels,etc., and move images front to back in your room, knock down the screeching highs or add more amplitude to the bass. A little daunting for a old audiophool like me but the results from tweaking to suit your environment is very rewarding. i've basically given up using the factory pre-sets from Emerald Physics and adjusted to suit my taste.
Took some time to get it right but ,wow,pretty amazing.
I'd say over 50% of the reason the CS2.3's Sound so damm nice is the direct result of the x'over.
I've had Maggie IIIA, and 1.6's for about 15 or 16 years since 1989 . Then Wilson Benesch ActII's for a fews years, and the Emerald Physics since 2008.
Went to Audition the same brands and others before I upgraded the CS2's to the CS2.3's
They require bi-amping ,some added inexpensive cabling, a larger room,as they are larger speakers.
I listen in both nearfield about 9 feet from speaker or 90 deg room adjust for about 13 feet , both work equally well.
So if you are willing to experiment slightly the results are spectacular. As near a live event as you can get will open in your listening room.
Happy listening!