Best amp for my JJ Electronics 243 pre amp?

System includes Rega cd player,Thorens table and a pair of Castle Howard mk 2,yes very old but I like them for now,basic MIT speaker cables,Iam not intersted in expensive high end cables not worth the money.Iam looking to replace my old HK Citation 16s,would prefer tube but would consider non tube if the improvement is worth it.Looking to spend 1k to 2k used or new.Music includes pop,rock,jazz,classical.
no idea what amp to use with the pre ... sorry??

how do you like the JJ 243??? I always thought this wa sonme of the best looking preamps on the market. seems to be priced very well and includes a phono stage. have always been amazed this unit is not extremely popular

LOVE the looks of the big JJ push/pull 300B amps too! would guess this would match well with the 243 but i am sure you already thought of that

I had the 243 a few years ago. Very nice preamp with a great and flexible phono stage. I mated it with a music reference RM9. Sounded very good.