best amp for monitor audio g60

I am currently running them on denon 2807 and am looking to upgrade. I have a dedicated room 5 channel going to a 7 channel. The amp can be a 3 channel just for the front and will run the rest through the dennon. I miss the brightness of my speakers.
McIntosh MC501s!
I use three of them with my Monitor Audio GR20s and GR-LCR.
I started with a McIntosh MC252, which is now on my GR-FX surrounds.
I think Monitor Audio has used McIntosh at some of the audio shows so that should be a good indicator of how they pair. They have also used Musical Fidelity. There is a huge thread in the AVS forum and a lot of people like the Parasound amps with the GS-60s. I am using the Red Wine Audio 70.2 with great results. Good luck.