Best Amp for B&W CDM9NT ? Seperates better

I have a pair of CDM9NT and would like to hear some recommendations for an Amp or are sepaerates better? Music (all types) is main use but home theater is important. I will be building on the CDM speaker series.
What are the main amplification characteristics I need to look for? Thanks
The 9nt's are a little reserved, so a somewhat forward sounding amp like a Bryston 4B-ST balances them out & makes for a good marriage between the two. The Classe C-200/201 works well too, yet was too warm sounding combination for my ears. The British 9's really dig Canadian electronics. Yet figure on atleast 200-250 watts to move them via Solid State, & 60 wpc via Tubes.

Good Luck!
Totally agree with Audiobugged.Ran a pair of CDM 9 NTs with a Bryston 4BST for a year with heavenly results.Recently the 4BST was replaced with a 14 BST and I have't stopped smiling.Have no experience with Classe.B&W works superbly with Bryston but ultimately its your ears alone that are the final arbiter.
Happy listening.
Audiobugged & Sunnyboy- Thanks for the useful feed back.