Best acoustical guitar - any type music

I love the harmonics of the guitar. Regardless of the genre - classical, jazz, pop, etc. What are your top five (or ten) acoutical guitar recordings - for sound quality and performance? You recommend them, I'll buy them.
David Grisman "Tone Poems I"--anything on the Acoustic Disc label actually--nice recordings. Also Larry Coryell has a number of acoustic jazz discs out that are hard to find but worth the effort.
Here are two I like:

Sergio & Odair Assad play Rameau, Scarlatti, Couperin Bach. This has been in heavy rotation at my house for years. (Their sister Badi's Solo album on Chesky is good, too--great sonics.)

Eduardo Niebla & Adel Salameh, Mediterraneo. This is guitar and Oud, so maybe not your cup of tea (I love the Oud myself), but it's a terrific album.

I also have two Sharon Isbin albums I like a lot: Nightshade Rounds and Dreams of a World.

the best ive heard was from the late Micheal Hedges,the cd was titled Strings of Steel.....listened to it last week on Martin Logan speakers with Classe mono's....i was really quite impressed.
Another good player is Juan Gabriel and I have always enjoyed Bob Dylan's early acoustic guitar work (it is a little rude and rambunctious, but he is very good at orchestrating a song). I have other CD's of artists on the Winham Hill label (promos) and world artist's, but need to organize the CD's to find them again and will post at a later date.