Best A-D converter

Not a DAC but an ADC! Looking to archive some out of print vinyl onto CD for listening in the car. At home, of course, analog takes precedence, but on the road, I just have an awful time with the needle skipping in the back seat. Some have mentioned the Wadia 17, others the Apogee Rosetta series. Has anyone A/B'd these units for musicality? Any others that I should be considering? I know there are several 96/24 units out there, but my question has a functional limit of 44.1/16. Thanks

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I use an Apogee Rosetta 48, connected (via AES/EBU cable) to an HHB CDR 800 CD recorder. My source is 15 ips analog master tapes. If you heard these disks, the analog vs digital debate would be ended. These disks are essentially indistinguishable from the analog originals. Also, the Rosetta 48 is not outrageously expensive ($1100) and doesn't have any unnecessary bells and whistles for your purpose. This is a sensational product!!