Sonicweld Diverter - USB- S/PDIF Converter

I'm curious if anyone has experience with this, especially someone who has/used either a Squeezebox or iTransport.

I had a very disappointing experience with a few USB->S/PDIF converters a couple years ago, but after recently discovering the Diverter, glancing over the glowing reviews, and speaking with Lee at Cryo-Parts, it definitely sounds like the real thing. When I initially decide two-three years ago to migrate to a computer based music server I wanted to use my iMac. But as mentioned it didn't sound pretty, even with USB DAC's costing up to $3500, hence my current music server source - iTransport/iPod. The SB3 was just as good too (actually tried this first), but plagued with drop-outs and I didn't care for the GUI. It would be more convenient to use my iMac as source for the obviosu reasons; screen size, iTunes/Front Row, storage capacity, and access to my entire music library.

And while we're on the topic of music servers and USB; imagine the iPad with Diverter as a source. Wow! Now that would be sweet. Of course it would need to be able to pull the pure digital signal, like the iTransport does (I'm sure Wadia is working on that). The iPad would need larger storage though to make it practical (unless it could stream), or at least a USB/FW for external bus-powered HD/SSD. Either way, it's a much better screen/interface over the iPod and $1K's less then the Sooloos.
That is weird. No way do I think my Wadia doc with an ipod sounds better than my Mac Mini or even my iMac streaming to an Apple TV. I've tried a bunch of USB DACs as well as use the Bel Canto USB link. I think the link sounds a little better than just USB but for me it's pretty close. Seems like there are a lot of guys pretty dang happy with USB and computer sound in general. I suppose if you are used to the sound of mega thousand dollar digital setups it could be a little lower in sound quality than that but for your average audiophile who has heard some pretty good digital sources seems to think computer audio sounds pretty good.
Provided you do not have a software issue (like the EQ being on, or "sound enhancer") both which really destroy the signal, and have the output set to 16bit/44.1 (it defaults to 24 bit in 10.4 and 10.5)... you should get pretty good sound.

Personally, I find windows using foobar and ASIO or kernel streaming to have more depth and smoother... You might play with amarra or pure music, though iv'e tried neither.

As for hardware Ive tried quite a few with various dacs (benhcmark dac1, music hall dac 25.2, m-audio superdac 24/96, musiland md-10)... I avoided the usb interface on the dacs if they had one for the comparison.

m- audio audiophile firewire . Very bright. Pretty clean. Needs Power supply to sound its best.

Pop/Pulse. Uses a older usb interface... terrible quality. Nothing good to say.

Lite audio usb... odd cable setup... but sounds pretty good. not bad not great.

m2tech. (BNC), better than the trends, and no usb cable to buy. does 24/192. Clear winner (I set it to 16/44 to be fair)

trends ud 10.1. excellent depth and stage.... not quite as smooth as the m2tech but not grainy either. External power supply makes it brighter sounding, not necessarily better.

overall the only ones I was "happy" listening to were the trends ud10.1 and m2tech. I found the usb on the music hall and trends to be somewhat lacking compared to the trends and m2tech.
ops. I meant to say. "I found usb on the music hall and musiland to be lacking compared to the trends or m2tech."

too early in the AM> ;) I need more coffee.