Best $500 combo player

I'm in need of a new cd/dvd player. I'm primarily a "2 channel" purist, but do need the dvd functionality for one or two movies a month.

Are there any respectable combo players out there for a reasonalbe price? Say $500 new? I am leaning towards the Phillips, but wonder about options like the new Cambridge. Is the Phillips going to be replaced soon?

Any other ideas?

Many thanks,
BTW Guys, when I say "combo" player, I mean CD/DVD playback... SACD would be nice, but that or DVD-A is not necessary.

Anything that tops the Philips at that pricepoint? I would prefer to buy new...

Thanks again,
It may be off your budget, but would worth throwing some extra $100 for Rotel RDV 1080.
CD,prog-scan DVD(PAL, NTSC, SECAM systems) and DVD-A.

I thought that Philips was discontinuing or had discontinued support for its products in the US. If that is the case and remembering some of the reported problems that Philips had with their model 1000 SACD player a few months back (check the digital forum at Audio Asylum), I would be hesitant to spend $500 on a Philips product. With that said, I might consider a Denon 2200.

Regards, Rich
I'm very pleased with the Sony Dvpnc 555 es 5 disc changer. SACD and redbook both sound good. Like it better than the outboard dac I was using. There's no reviews yet but it can be had for under 500 if you look. List is 600.