Bert kaempfert??

I am I alone in my delight in this unsung genius?
I liked his song, "Happy Feeling"
A genius. A pure genius. Right up there with the twin pianos of Ferrante and Teicher.
My father was a big fan...
I am a fan. I have a 4 of his cds. Once in a while they play him on Music Choice (cable). They post some tidbits on each artist they play and said he was held by the allies after WW2. IMO he sounds a bit like Ray Connif,sans vocals.
Pbb, Not to argue, but I don't think Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Ella, Shirley, Nat and countless others-who covered many of his songs- considered him another F&T(not to insult them either).
Spanish Eyes, Danke Schoen, Red Roses were among his many well loved compositions.
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