Berlin R to challenge Magico / Raidho?

anyone know which drivers they are using I was told they were French... Focal?? Is 62K even possible and or necessary the woofer??
Sorry about the confusing post. The website states 62K HZ for the ribbon tweeter?? check
What do you want to know?

Ribbons regularly boast response to past 50KHz. Necessary? Debatable of course. Wide bandwidth means less phase shift in the 10KHz region when compared to a dome that rolls off at 20KHz.
"Is 62K even possible and or necessary..."

Your cat will dig it :-)

Species Approximate Range (Hz)
human 64-23,000
dog 67-45,000
cat 45-64,000
cow 23-35,000
horse 55-33,500
sheep 100-30,000
rabbit 360-42,000
rat 200-76,000
mouse 1,000-91,000
gerbil 100-60,000
guinea pig 54-50,000
hedgehog 250-45,000
raccoon 100-40,000
ferret 16-44,000
opossum 500-64,000
chinchilla 90-22,800
bat 2,000-110,000
beluga whale 1,000-123,000
elephant 16-12,000
porpoise 75-150,000
goldfish 20-3,000
catfish 50-4,000
tuna 50-1,100
bullfrog 100-3,000
tree frog 50-4,000
canary 250-8,000
parakeet 200-8,500
cockatiel 250-8,000
owl 200-12,000
chicken 125-2,000


Actually, Mountain-High probably doesn't want to know anything. He's been touting dc10audio speakers since RMAF, plus, he's selling them.

Even dc10audio asked him to stop in another one of his threads. Obviously he's not even listening to the company.

There's nothing wrong with recommending a product that you like and use, but Mountain-High is to the point of hurting dc10audio's creditability because he's trying to push them down our throats. The fact that he's also selling the speakers is even worse.