Berkeley Audio Alpha DAC Series II and Alpha USB

I am very very close to buying the above combination. I have decided to go this route vs. changing my CDP. I noticed there hasn't been any posts on the Berkeley since last last year. By now I am guessing a few more people may have bought the units or those that have them have had time to really form an opinion on them.

Before I take the leap it would be great to hear from any owners and people who have had sufficent audition time with them.
You may want to check out the AMR DP-777 before deciding.
I have Berkeley Alpha Dac series 2 and have had Alpha USB for several months.
It is great combination and the only reason for selling USB was to buy Soulution USB 590(2wks waiting).
Alpha DAC II sounds very good even with m2tech Hiface 2.
Please use good USB cables:when I tried STEREOPHiLE recommended Belkin USB the sound was not that good.
It is more mellow than DCS Debussy which squeezes every note nicely.
Thanks. I was hoping to hear from owners of BADAs. I have a number (too many) options with the choice of DAC and no way to hear them, so I decided just to take the plunge with BADA based on price, various posts etc.

I'm just trying to see if people are still happy with their choice, any issues, things you only uncover over time etc.
I had the BADA series 1.
Thanks for the replies. If I understand correctly Pawel8 you still have the DAC but sold the Alpha USB and Sabai you have sold your DAC? This doesn’t instill me with confidence on my choice. The Alpha USB I can understand especially in comparison to the Solution USB 590 but Sabai can you say what you didn’t like with the Series I and what you got instead.
Pawel8 – regarding the cables, thanks for the heads up. I plan to start with WireWorld StarLight USB and AES cables, inexpensive but decent and will probably try some alternatives down the road if needed.
You are doing your hi-res files a disservice using a USB connection at all. What does this unit cost? A LINN Akurate DS would be a better choice I think.
I still have Alpha DAC series 2.
I do not want any USB interface with external power supply therefore my selection is above mentioned Soulution 590,Stello U3,V-link 192 and possibly Audiophileo.
Wireworld cables are very good choice.
The person I sold Alpha USB has Berkeley Alpha DAC1 and says that the sound he is getting is excellent when used in combination.
Just bought the Alpha USB, will be running it into the 96/24 input of my Resolution Audio OPUS 21 CDP for a while. Have been prepping the mac mini, reimporting CDS as AIFF and lossless, loading PureMusic etc. Expect to get the Series 2 DAC later in a few months.

Thanks again for the input.

I am installing an Alpha USB and I lost the drivers for Win 7! Can I pay you a decent amount to burn a copy of the drivers for me via an image file then to disc and then send the disc over to me? I contacted Berkeley and they are on holiday until Septemer! I NEED these drivers ASAP! Any help out there would be appreciated...