benz micro: ACE vs H2?

anybody out there have experience with the H2? I have a P9/ACE 2.5 mv/Fisher 500c. I wonder if an H2 is too rich for the phono stage on my 500c, also I have heard somewhere that, aside from the H2's wood body, the ACE H is more or less the same- true? Is it worth double the green for an H2? Anybody familiar with the Benz ACE vs H2? thanks in advance

Just happen I have the same TT, a Rega P-9 with the RB-1000. I had the ACE H and replaced it with the H2 woodbody. I was a nice change. More details compared with the ACE.

I use a tube phonostage (Space Tech Lab P-105) and the tubes I have on the machine are a pair of Telefunken 12ax7 and a pair of Sylvania 6SN7-W.

You won't regret the H2. I felt the ACE is more forgiving on bad recording compared to the H2.