Benchmark DAC-1 vs. Bel Canto DAC-2

Has anyone compared these two? (Or even heard both?) I am looking to purchase a DAC in the near future and am having a hard time deciding which one of these to go with. (I have found both for pretty much the same price new, so that is not a deciding factor) Unfortunately it is impossible for me to audition either of them. So I am coming to you guys for help!
If I am not mistaken I thought the Benchmark DAC-1 came with a 30 or 60 day return policy. Give that a try
I have the Benchmark but have not heard the Bel Canto. All I can tell you is that the DAC 1 sounds better than my Sony XA 777 ES on redbook even though the Sony is a highly rated $3000 player.
Now I am in the same situation. Any more comarison experience for these two DACs is appreciated.
Before I decided to purchase a non-os DAC (Audio Mirror at half the price and twice the performance of either of these) the Benchmark was my choice and I did listen to the Bel Canto as well. The Benchmark was smoother in many respects and I got to hear it in my system which was equally important.
I have compared them modded and unmodded. The DAC-1 wins hands-down IMO.
I hate to disagree with Audioengr, but I had the exact opposite experience when audtioning (unmodded) the two DACS. I found them both to be quite good, but the Bel Canto-2 was warmer/smoother then the Benchmark without giving up details/dynamics. So, Ph34rful, you will have to use your own ears in your system to really find out what you like better. There both fine DACS, it comes down to personnal taste. Good luck.