Benchark dac1 output as pre high enough?

In the benchmark dac1 manual it can be read that the unit can be used directly to drive a power amp. Is this output high enough to drive properly a power amp such as rotel´s rb1091 monoblocks? I ask because even though the rotel are rated at 500 @ 8 ohms I have to turn the volume knob at about 1-2 o´clock to get a decen amount of volume from my Opera Quinta speakers (with a bel canto Seti40 I do not nedd to raise the volume very high). Any comments?
I have a Benchmark DAC1-Pre that I am using with 2 Krell FPB350 MCX monoblocks. The combination works fine at the regular DAC preamp output setting which uses a factory 20dB pad setting. The idea is to achieve normal listening levels with a volume control set above the 11 o'clock position. If you need more juice, there is a 10 dB and 0 dB pad settings.

Hope this helps
Yes, the Benchmark has more than sufficient output to directly drive any amp, either with the balanced or RCA outputs. It's specifically designed to be used as a preamp - because it is in fact a preamp - and IIRC the manual recommends using it that way, to drive an amp directly.

I presently use it to directly drive a Pass Labs X150.5, a medium sensitivity amp, and have also used it to drive Classe and Hafler amps, and the volume control has never past the 9 to 12:00 position. You can check the manual online for output specifications - Benchmark gives copious information.
The gain on the unbalanced outputs is low (if you're using the balanced outs, the gain can be adjusted). But if you're not running out of range on the volume pot, I can't see that it's a problem.
Thank you all for your responses! I guess using the dac1 volume pot at about 12:00 to 1:00 is perfectly normal (for a normal listening level).