Belles Reference 150A or Reference 350A?

I have been putting together an upgraded system -- after 3 years in Tokyo (where you couldn't play music loud enough to enjoy it) I'm now building a listening room. I have a Belles Reference 150A -- I can't really tell you how it sounds because my B&W 802D's arrived with 2 broken tweeters... Buy, I have been looking at the Belles Reference 350A.

Can anyone out there comment on the difference? I using an Audio Research preamp -- should I step up to the 350?

Thanks for your 2 cents.
I'm not familiar with your speakers, but I have owned both the Ref 150A & the Ref 350A. I was using them to drive Vandersteen 3A Signatures. The 350A obviously provides some extra power. Which was good, as the 3A Signatures are only 88db. But I prefered the sound of the 150A. To me it was a little more open & airy. But again, that was with Vandersteens, which are not known for their treble. With your B&W's, the 350A may be the perfect match.
I am very familiar with the 802D and owned the Ref 150 for a few years and spent time with the Ref. 350. I would strongly favor the 350, more power, more control etc. I would make sure you either got a new one or if used that it had the soft start to avoid a very big 'thump' on power on/off. Great amp.
Yes the 350 would be a far better choice. The only thing better would be two Ref 150 as monos.
Thank you guys this is very helpful. I may also have a line on a E.A.R. 890. I have a to decide between solid state and tubes. I have a tube preamp. Does anyone see any issues with the combination with tubes in both the preamp and the amp??

Thanks again