Bel Ref1000s OR M300s + Gallo refrence S.A. amp?

What will be the better way to go for the gallo ref 3.1? The cost will be about the same used. Right at my budget.

This will be for 2 chanel and to start off my home theater project, that will be ran in stereo until budget allows.

My room dimensions are 22L 12W 8'high ceilings, the listing distance will be about 10' from speakers.

If I go with the ref1000 it will be those alone without the sub amp.
If I go with the M300 mono's I will have enough dough for the sub amp.

Just clearing that up so there is no confusion about what I am saying.

Will the use of the S.A. amp eliminate the need for a sub down the road?
The sub amp will give you (depending on your room) flat bass down to 22Hz. The real beauty of it is, the built in crossover, which enables you to find the ideal crossover point. If you play a lot of music with low organ pipes, you might need to consider a purpose built sub. If you mainly listen to contemporary music, and even orchestral you won't be lacking. It's quite unbelievable to hear these little speakers reproducing such low bass.
M300 has, according to reviews, more "air" but Ref1000 is more focused/coherent. S300 is 2x M300 since each module (200ASC) inside has its own power supply (common power connector). If you want separate cases get Rowland 102 (same modules in solid billet of aluminum with two milled out pockets).

I would go with Rowland 102 ($1.5k + 5 years warranty) and that's what I have but new Ref1000 mkII supposed to be an improvement over first generation. It is also 80% louder than M300/S300/Rowland102 and can drive lower min. load impedance (2 Ohm vs. 3 Ohm).
I am defiantly staying with a bel canto amp of some kind. I also have been looking at the S300i, for simplicity.

Anyone else like to chime in?
I went with Rowland because it was $100 less and better built. Instead of pre I picked Benchmark DAC1 and cheap Sony DVD player. Now I'm independent of transport and have DVD and MP3 sound in addition. I don't have analog sources. If you looking at integrated then check out Rowland's Continuum 500. It is more expensive but it is a steal (2x REF1000 + Capri preamp + PFC power conditioning module).