Bel Canto USB Link 24/96 vs Empirical off ramp 3

Anyone have any experience with both or either of them?
Need to connect my MacBook Pro to my ARC Dac7 USB input to play 24/96 HD Tracks. USB input on this DAC is limited to 16/48.
Bel Canto is $495.00
Empirical is $699.00 but with all the "add ons" it can make the price prohibitive particularly the Superclock or Ultraclock added to it.

Any comments welcomed.
I have the Off Ramp Turbo-3 with the upgraded clock. Works as advertised. Very resolving and smooth when paired with good equipment. Not much to look at but gets the job done. I've had it paired with a MHDT Havana Tube DAC and a Redwine Audio Isabellina with good results.

I don't mess with 24/96, just redbook and I personally don't care for up-sampling of 16/44.1, so can't really comment on the hi rez ability.
Does your MacBook Pro outputs 24/96 data or 16/48. If 16/48 or 16/44.1 then your Bel canto or Ramp will upsamample your signal only. If that is the true then its much better for you to let uour main DAC (here AEC) to do all signal manipulation you want.

I believe that Ramp 3 also reduce jitter and if its true then its the reason to consider its use in light of your main DAC capabilities

I think the Ramp 3 doesn't upsample the source signal.
"The Off-Ramp 3 supports sample-rates of up to 24/96 and automatically generates 24/44.1 from 16/44.1"
So if its redbook, it just add 8 more zeros at the end to be 24bits to be 24/44.1.