Bel Canto DAC-1: Transport? Cable?

Why is the Pioneer 525 DVD player regarded as the best transport with the Bel Canto DAC. What about the Sony S7700 DVD player as transport with this DAC? Which one is better? Which cables would be best for the DAC? I am Using an Ultralink Optical cable to feed into the DAC.
I used to have the Pioneer Elite DV05 and Bel Canto Combo, and I remember the reason I bought the Pioneer instead of the Sony was that the Pioneer is the only DVD player that actually outputs a true 24/96 Khz on its digital out which is awesome if you have Checsky 24/96 DADs. Other players including the Sony and Denon DVD5000 converts the 96 Khz signal to 44 Khz on it's digital output. I can be wrong so check out the specs to make sure.Regarding optical cable I used a transparent high performance toslink and it worked really great.

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Kasboot: There was information suggesting that the best results are with at least 2m long optical cable. Have you checked this? Other Pioneers are good as well. 626 is a very good unit and you can get it at a very good price. Interesting to note this unit has two digital outs that might allow you to have the DVD and PCM processed separately if you need it...
The Pioneer DVD525 and 414 with toslink cables are or were recommended by Bel Canto as cost effective transports. If you are playing DVD's, CDR's or intend to play 24/96K discs, then you would obviously need to use a DVD player that outputs 24/96 and can play cdr's. However, if you only intend to play regular CD's, I would suggest you proceed with caution in getting a DVD player. I have read a thread on another website where some DVD player owners complained about noisy transports and clicking noises between tracks. If you go to the EVS website (, you will see that a modified Sony CD player is preferred as a transport over a DVD player for sound quality on CD's. I use a Parasound cd 2000 transport with a Harmonic Tech copper cable feeding a AA DTI PRO with a Madrigal cable feeding the Bel Canto dac. I use Harmonic Tech truthlink cables on the Bel Canto to my preamp. I have no interest in auditioning any more transports or dacs. The only set up I have heard that rivals what I have is a much more expensive Theta Transport with a Theta Gen Va dac.