Bel Canto CD-2, what DAC Chip?

Anyone know what DAC the CD-2 uses? Bel Canto won't say and neither did the Positive Feedback review. I've tried searching the internet but got no where. Can anyone help?

PS- I wonder why Bel Canto mentions using the BB1792 for the DAC3 but nothing for the CD-2.
I have a BC DAC3 and feed it with a Bel Canto CD1 via the balanced AES outputs. I can say that the DAC 3's DAC sounds far superior to the CD1's internal DAC, and I believe that the CD2 is inferior to the CD1 which was discontinued after 100 units sold as they moved to the half chassis size models. They really are trying to sell the combo, the CD2 into the DAC3 then into your amp directly or into your preamp. The DAC3 really is worth every penny, but I know you have already spent a bunch on the CD2.
From a Soundstage review:

So with all this going for the DAC1, why has Bel Canto replaced it with the new DAC2? A company has to keep its product line fresh to maintain brisk sales, but in the case of the DAC2, there were a few circuit changes that John Stronczer, Bel Canto's head designer, wanted to implement as well. Chief among these was an upgrade from the DAC1's Crystal 8420 sample-rate converter to one from Analog Devices, the AD1896, which allowed true 24/192 conversion/upsampling and an improved signal-to-noise ratio.

Now what?
Some ppl told me that the DAC module of CD-2 is DAC2.... not sure about this answer
This is a bit off-topic, but I asked Bel Canto about whether they might be releasing a transport-only version of the CD-2, and received an affirmative if cryptic response telling me to "look out in 2009" for the "CD2T". Makes sense if they are really trying to sell the DAC and CD as a combo.
Sorry, I meant "2010".