Behringer 24/96 Auto EQ Continued...

I have used this device with some success for many months now, and unfortunately, what little I learned when initially setting it up seems to already have faded from my memory.

I have made some changes to my room and systems and would like to do another auto EQ, to determine some rough settings which I will then fine tune.

I thought this was simple enough but I am getting a message which says


This is puzzling as the pink noise sounds very loud to my ears, the room is very quiet,and the Behringer microphone is right in between the speakers which are only about 4 feet apart.

Could someone please advise me and/or walk me through a simple auto eq procedure from scratch?

Thank you.
When I got that message, and the noise signal was turned up loud, the reason was that the mic was not plugged in! DUH!

Once again, you are the king of the 24/96.

I was positive I had plugged in the microphone, but it seems I had moved my rack and the connector had fallen out! DOUBLE DUH!.

Thank you very much - it would have been a long time before I figured that out by twiddling with various settings.

On my first new try the new EQ curve sounds really thin and bright. Perhaps that what "neutral" sounds like to my audiophile ears, but any other tips on quick and dirty EQ'ing welcome.
To be less "bright" select ROOM CORR during equalization.

Try something other than flat for your target curve during equalization.

After equalization select GEQ and touch up the curve. After making changes use MEMORY to update the GEQ. If you get all screwed up, start over with auto eq.
go over to endless info on the behringer plus an room eq wizard.